The sport of the future as an experience economy

The physical education understood from the point of view both academic and athletic, has been transformed over the years mimicking current patterns of an open society, formed and changing. This physical teaching intertwines new ideas such as fitness, health, coaching … that are shaping future teachers, athletes or consumers of sporting events.

As a result of this path, new teachers with a remarkable multidisciplinary training emerge, highly evolved sports competitions at all levels and sporting events that go beyond the daily playing surfaces, often entering the most virgin natural environment.

Sport and sports physical education

Sport and sports physical education are immersed in a new experiential paradigm that makes these social events an experience that necessarily combines the educational, the recreational and the economic.

Sports (school, federated and professional) turned into a social act that obliges the teacher to be instructed in areas such as assertiveness, sports psychology, diversity, organizational economics … Municipal leagues, federated competitions, gyms … understood as a socializing act of athletes and companions who find in them a means to establish relationships that go beyond sports within a local and collective sphere.

Traditional Sports

On the other hand, nowadays many young athletes, when they come of age, do not continue with the “traditional” sports that they have been practising since their school years.

They make the leap to sports, or rather sporting events, which were previously considered a minority. Tests that until a few years ago barely enjoyed participants due to their difficulty, cost and risks, currently far exceed the places offered to participate, being the shelter of many users of daily sports.

Most of them are individual, and they move away from the local environment, entering distant natural environments from the big cities with a superlative tourist charm.

Globalization of market

Until not many years ago, access to the technical material necessary for an event such as an ironman, a trans-Pyrenean, a survivor race, a trail running, an ascent to a high peak … was at least difficult without counting the very high cost of obtaining it.

However, in the current times of globalization of the market its purchase is made easy and accessible thanks to the large shopping centres specific to this sector, its search on the net and the more than competitive prices that are found.

An experience made available to everyone that allows combining aspects such as sport, nature, tourism and individual personal improvement.

City athlete

On many occasions, these participants are not of youthful age and for them, the test represents a means to obtain personal recognition that their job performance may not have achieved in years.

A medium to some degree risky due to the great biomechanical and organic demands that they represent and that does not go hand in hand with the physical preparation of a “city athlete”, there being no direct relationship between their abilities and the limits to which the test can take them.

Experience of product

In these latter events, in which different groups of people are brought together temporarily for possibly different purposes, the experience is the product itself. The experience is the added value desired by the consumer. That is why any training event related to sport acquires greater importance when it can be marketed as a leisure experience, generating a business opportunity.

Teacher prototype

This change in model referring to sports, sports users and sports education, in general, leads us to redefine the model of the teacher prototype that must instruct students in the class, taking as a reference the sports spectrum that exists beyond the classroom and of the traditional sport.

A student who is also an athlete and who is going to have a new sports offer for which he must be instructed, sensitized and oriented from the base, consolidating in him specific skills that prepare for the future.

Teacher training

Teacher training, and therefore the proposals of the training centres, have to guarantee that their own knowledge enables them to provide the student with the skills to be an active, safe and healthy part of these new sports offerings.

Modelling of objectives, skills, learning results … according to the sport of the future that seeks its way in nature, personal improvement and self-knowledge.

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