The most frequent summer diseases

Summer is coming and with it the increase in the diseases and diseases that we suffer from, especially at this time of the year. These are the most common summer diseases:


Heatstroke (hyperthermia) occurs when the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees. This disease affects many people every summer and takes some of their lives.

Those most at risk of heatstroke are people who work or exercise in the sun and the elderly.

To avoid the deadly consequences, the body must be cooled as soon as symptoms appear.


Urine infections are very common in summer, and even more so for women. We notice an infectious problem in the urine when the need to urinate increases and redness is observed on the vulva or

Usually, moisture is produced from a swimsuit. To avoid risks, it is a good idea to change wet swimwear and put it on dry clothes.

Hygiene is very important to avoid all kinds of infection from risks.


Walking barefoot in public can be a mistake that makes you get foot fungus. Swimming pools, public showers, and any place where the weather is hot and humid are ideal places for infection.

Usually, symptoms are redness and peeling on the feet as well as itching and pain cracks.

You also need to be wary of otitis media (inflammation of the ears). The most affected are the children and it is usually prevented by cleaning the ears after a shower or using the plugs to immerse yourself.

Food poisoning

Because of the heat, preserving food is much more difficult. This is why the risk of consuming bad food is much greater.


This is the disease that we are most used to. Skin burns can cause not only pain and irritation in the area but also fever.

We recommend using sunscreen and, in any case, not misusing sun exposure this summer because, in addition to being harmful in the short term, it is a risk factor for skin cancer.

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