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We enter 2019 and it is time to make the list of purposes that will make you lead a healthy life. Knowing the relationship that this has with happiness and with a long and quality life, there is no reason why we should not focus our purposes on it.

Resolutions for a Healthy New Year - Health Tips 2

1 Watch your diet

A significant percentage of an individual’s health is based on their correct diet. Avoiding saturated fats or reducing the consumption of meat and sugar are very necessary measures. However, among them, we can highlight a recommendation that although everyone knows, not everyone follows.
It is often known that 5 pieces of fruit a day are necessary to improve the health of each person. However, this is not something that is fully assumed. The fruit contains the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain your health.
However, the best way to eat these fruits is by chewing them. This is because we do not assimilate in the same way the vitamins that are ingested with juice.

2 Care when working/studying

Back pain is one of the most widespread ills in Western societies and it is the easiest to prevent. Mainly, taking care of your posture when sitting at work or in class is what will determine the state of your back in the long term.

3 Control your sleep

Since, in most cases, we cannot control the time we wake up, it is reasonable for us to control the time we go to bed. Keeping a check on your sleep and establishing a regular schedule is a very beneficial measure. Not only reverts to physical but also mental health.
Sleep reduces the risk, above all, of heart problems and states of anxiety and depression.

4 Exercise daily

Exercise doesn’t just bring cosmetic benefits, it does too. Playing sports is essential to have a healthy body. It also helps those who practice it psychologically.
If you don’t play sports, the most important thing is that you avoid being sedentary. Walking more often and avoiding spending the day in one place is the key to good bodily health.

5 Against cognitive decline

Keeping your brain active is especially important for older people but it is equally good for everyone.
Watching movies, playing games that require some kind of mental agility or reading are activities that can help you stay active in moments of solitude. However, contact with other people will make you more attentive to your surroundings and, therefore, more mentally active.

6 Consult with professionals

Following these tips will help you regulate your health, however, whenever problems may appear, it is good to go to medical professionals. Also, getting an annual checkup is something that can help you prevent more serious health problems and also keep a check on your health.

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