How to get to sleep faster

Insomnia is a problem that affects many of us. Those who suffer from it know that this brings serious consequences and a great burden on a person’s life. Today we tell you what is the technique with which to get to sleep faster than the soldiers of the United States Army use.

Insomnia, a frequent problem

According to neurologists, in Pakistan, more than 4 million suffer from chronic insomnia. In relative numbers, this represents 10% of the population. In addition, it is estimated that between 20% and 30% suffer from temporary insomnia. The difference between the two is the time that the problem remains in the patient (with more than 6 months we speak of chronic insomnia). However, in addition to this distinction, one must make one between the two main ways of experiencing the problem:

  • The patient is unable to fall asleep throughout the night.
  • The person who gets to sleep but has to wake up during the night.

This is a problem that occurs to a greater extent in developed countries and has to do with stress, the quality of food, anxiety, the lack of a sleep schedule, or the consumption of beverages such as caffeinated soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.How to get to sleep faster

A technique developed by the military

Thanks to the development of military research, today we can count on many inventions that we would not have to associate directly with it. Such is the case of microwaves, GPS, military photography or off-road vehicles, among many others. However, most of them are related to the field of engineering. How to get to sleep faster we could not have imagined that military research was also in charge of developing a method to achieve sleep in 2 minutes.

The reason this technique was developed is the need for soldiers without insomnia to sleep in situations that do not lend themselves to sleep. The need for rest plays a big role in a soldier’s performance.

What is this 120-second technique based on?

How to get to sleep faster, the technique is based on the relaxation of the muscles, including the face, and a process of meditation and concentration on the breath.

To be effective (and there is talk of 96% effectiveness ), it takes 6 weeks. This is because the patient with insomnia has to assimilate each step and the mental process through which they have to think so that it does not cost them mental effort to carry out the process, that is, they have it automated.

If you have a problem treating your level of stress or anxiety, the main causes of insomnia in our society, we advise you to go to a clinical service such as Almusalud where we have psychologists and neurologists who can help you in a personalized way to treat this problem.

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