Benefits of chatbots

Chatbots, or conversational assistants, are computerized information systems programmed to give automatic responses to users.

Unless they need to address extremely urgent issues, users prefer writing to calling by phone to answer questions and make inquiries.

The capabilities of chatbots help streamline company processes, offering immediate and uninterrupted responses 24/7 in different communication channels (social networks, website, instant messaging, etc …) and to several users simultaneously.

Also, if you are thinking of integrating a chatbot into your company, keep in mind that these systems can be customized to align with your brand image, which will provide added value to both your business and communication strategy.

What companies can use chatbots?

The capabilities of chatbots, highlighting their enormous speed and ease of adoption, make them compatible with all types of industries and company sizes.

In addition, chatbots can be used in different areas of your company. Its versatility reaches such a point that from your marketing department you can use it to attract potential new customers, customer service to answer questions or human resources to update the database of future employees.

Keep in mind that chatbots can be used both to communicate with people or companies outside your company, as well as to support your employees in essential tasks for their daily work.

Chatbots Case Studies You Can Implement in Your Business

We are going to show you how companies of all kinds are taking a competitive advantage and improving the experience with their customers using chatbots.

Use Cases for Marketing

1- Chatbots to facilitate potential customers

Some companies continue to use the sales department as a way to contact customers who do not know about your company, either by phone or by visiting them in person.

Another approach to attracting potential customers is to focus on customers who already know your business after entering your website. Traffic from these anonymous visitors to your website can turn into leads.

Interacting with a chatbot when this person is viewing your products and services on your website is an exceptional time to grab their attention.

2- Promote products

Promoting products at certain times is an easy task for a chatbot to do.

The software will be able to interact with your potential customers and present the offer, answer frequently asked questions, and even close the sale. All this in an automated way and simultaneously to as many clients as your website has at that time.

3- Improve the marketing funnel

Your customer will be much more satisfied chatting with a chatbot than completing questionnaires. Chatbots, precisely, help in that function.

A chatbot can use emojis and GIFs, images, or videos to improve the recommendation proposal of a product or service.

Thanks to this, your brand will connect in a much more dynamic and entertaining way with the audience and it will be easier to accompany them during the marketing funnel.

4- Present new products

As with promotions, introducing new products to your customers can be done with the help of a chatbot.

The chatbot will be ready at all times to greet the potential buyer and find out about your brilliant new product/service.

In this way, all your customers, no matter what time of day or night they need to know more about your new flagship product, will receive detailed and standardized information.

Use cases for sales

5- Provide assistance to salespeople.

Even being very effective in the relationship with their clients, some people will decide to continue using their commercial agents to answer questions and close the sale.

The chatbot can become the best support for your commercials, providing key information quickly and easily.

Additionally, by using the chatbot, you will ensure that all your sales reps give the same answer to the same questions. Which will help avoid possible headaches in the future.

6- First approaches to future sales.

The tendency for buyers when they first approach a brand is not to speak directly to a person. Normally, as buyers, we prefer to take our time. But we do need to answer some questions.

A chatbot helps to solve those first doubts that a potential client may have, sending information quickly and efficiently.

Use a chatbot for these first contacts and get your customer to visit your space again or have an agent contact you at a more opportune time.

7- Chatbots to help test demo versions

For companies dedicated to software, a chatbot can be the solution to provide the desired user experience when testing demo systems.

The chatbot can accompany the user of the demo to get to know the tool and become familiar with it before use.

8- Purchase assistants

If what your company needs is to solve doubts and suggest products or services to all its customers, chatbots are the fundamental element to improve those processes.

9- Chatbot as a sales representative

Make your customers feel accompanied, show photos, videos from your catalog, and finalize the purchase process with the adoption of a chatbot.

10- Lead nurturing

Communicate with your customers at all stages of the sales funnel and help them become more informed about your products and services.

The chatbot will be able to provide each client with the information they need in a timely manner.

Use cases for customer service

11- Answer to questions

Solve your customers’ doubts to the most common questions 24/7 and at any time of the day.

Chatbots will free customer service agents from work, for them to focus their efforts on claims that require human-human interaction.

12- Reservation of appointments and purchase of tickets

If your business needs processes to book appointments or your clients contact you to purchase tickets for events, chatbots are very effective in completing those functions.

Automate the tasks of booking appointments and buying tickets with a chatbot and you will streamline critical processes in your company.

13 – Find merchandise and recommend products

One of the most important capabilities of a chatbot is its ability to extract information from databases.

Thanks to the adoption of a chatbot in its customer service, the user will be able to find products faster and more efficiently.

In addition, the chatbot will be able to recommend other similar products to improve the experience.

14 – Chatbots to entertain and improve the customer experience

As you can see in this article, a chatbot can be used for many tasks. Among them, you can entertain.

The chatbot can be used in the form of a game, to ask the user questions and improve the experience with your brand.

For example, if your company is dedicated to education, a chatbot can ask funny questions about the subject of one of its courses to raise the interest of the user.

15- Order confirmation and follow-up

Automate the purchase confirmation process and keep the customer informed of where their order is with the chatbot. Your client will prefer to know this information by writing to the chatbot than by talking to one of their agents.

16- Make surveys to evaluate customer impressions

Another of the times where your customers will prefer to interact with a chatbot rather than with a human agent is to evaluate the degree of satisfaction.

Get more accurate answers and when the client wants it thanks to the chatbot.

17- Chatbots that answer questions from the customer service team

The chatbot will not only provide answers to your customers, it is a perfect system to cover your agents. When the customer service workers need it, the chatbot will offer the answer.

In addition, in this way (as with the sales department) you will always provide the same answer to the professional. Homogenizing responses to customers will help prevent future customer complaints.

Chatbot use cases for HR

18- Monitor employee satisfaction

The human resources department can greatly benefit from the use of chatbots.

Automate your professionals’ satisfaction monitoring processes, extract metrics, and analyze responses quickly with the use of a chatbot.

19- Answer the department’s frequently asked questions

Professionals in your company contact human resources to receive answers on issues that can easily be automated with the use of a chatbot.

Frequently asked questions related to vacation days, company policy on certain matters, or open vacancies for new positions can be answered with a chatbot.

20 – Welcome to new workers.

Your new workers will be delighted to be welcomed when they want it and in the place, they want with your company’s chatbot.

It can be as original as you want, including videos, images, documents. Answer the questions your new hire requires. Make them feel at home thanks to a corporate chatbot.

21 – Training sessions.

Improve your employee training sessions with a chatbot.

Thanks to your company’s chatbot, workers can choose when and where they want to have the training session.

The chatbot will provide all the key information and can even end with a test, to extract metrics and increase effectiveness.

Chatbots use cases for IT department

22- Helpdesk.

A chatbot can be useful for creating/assigning cases, notifying users about updates, and answering their questions.


The chatbots are positioning themselves as a key element for companies to automate processes and become more agile at critical moments.

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