7 Tips to live 100 years in the best way

The world advances and today it is normal to reach 100 years of life. This may have seemed to us at other times in history something close to science fiction. Humans have lived, on average, about 30 years during many of the ages in history. It is with the arrival of modern medicine from the 19th century that a longer life expectancy is achieved.

Currently, a human is expected to live for about 79 years regardless of the country in which he is born. Obviously, if we approach more prosperous areas such as Europe, the average is higher. In this blog, we will give you the tips to live 100 years and with the best health.

1 Don’t skip breakfast

When it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it does not mean that we should eat the same amount that we eat for lunch. What it really means is that skipping this meal has very detrimental health effects.

Breakfast allows you to start the day with energy and a good mood and also helps the digestion process to be better divided throughout the day, thus avoiding problems such as obesity.

2 Close to veganism

It is evidence, by nature the human being is 80% vegetarian. While it is true that our body needs the proteins that we normally extract from meat, the proportion of fruits, vegetables, and legumes that we must eat each time we eat meat is enormous.

In addition to this, it is advisable to follow the best of diets. Eating very varied, and if possible, with a glass of wine with meals is the best advice.

3 Men’s healthy

People with too many problems and stresses or to whom they overwhelm, have problems living the same years or, at least, doing so in good health. Having a balanced mind and with minimal stress means that we suffer fewer diseases of all kinds and that we can get out of some others with less difficulty.

Finding a job in which you feel comfortable and in which you can cope well with stress is essential to be able to live the maximum of years with the best health.

In addition to this, having goals in life will also help keep your head in an enviable state of health.

4 Healthy body

The health of our body not only serves to see us beautiful and improve our self-esteem, which will lengthen our life expectancy. It also frees us from going through diseases that can accompany us throughout life.

5 Share your life

It is a choice of each person but it is proven that sharing your life is something that will lengthen your life expectancy. This is due to the fact that couples share the stresses of the day to day, distributing the weight that they suppose. Living as a couple is the best way to divide the burden of problems between two and have the best way to socialize.

6 Plan and you will win

Although planning can cause some stress, keeping your habits in check and maintaining a certain regularity can help your body and mind. On the one hand, your body will get used to your rhythm of life, reducing the energy load it has to carry out. On the other hand, having our life organized is a way to have our minds at peace.

7 Take care of your health

In your family, of course, there will be certain genetic predispositions to some type of diseases compared to others. It is good to know your body and your background by researching among your relatives.

In addition to this, having a medical examination a year can be the best way to prevent and quickly solve diseases.

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